Discover something better than a PEO

PEOs are costly and don’t provide your employees with an exceptional experience. Discover a better solution with Bowermaster.

Your employees deserve better

PEOs rely on one-size-fits all benefits and HR programs. Your team is unique and deserves a custom, hands-on approach! Bowermaster has all of the convenience of a PEO, but with a fully custom solution at a lower cost.

A Comprehensive Solution

Employee Benefits

Unique, hands-on benefits programs with an eye for cost control and employee education.

HR, Payroll, and Compliance

One-stop-shop to cover all employment law, payroll, and compliance related needs.

Business Insurance

Best-in-class insurance advisors that proactively manage business risk.

A Comprehensive Solution

Cost Analysis

We dissect your PEO package and determine the costs you’re paying per employee.

Asset Audit

Our team audits all your existing benefits offerings, technology, insurance coverages, worker’s compensation claims, and payroll processes.

Custom Solution

Our HR, benefits, and insurance specialists work with you develop a custom solution that saves you money, streamlines existing processes, and makes you an employer of choice for top talent.


Transition or Implementation

We handle all the heavy-lifting with your PEO transition, ensuring all the proper solutions are in place and that your business remains compliant throughout the process.

Break free from PEOs with Bowermaster

Ready to make the switch?

Our evaluation process is simple and will show your a side-by-side comparison of a PEO vs. Bowermaster’s solution. Click learn more to connect with a solution specialist today!

The Right Choice

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