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Insurance and Risk Management is the core of our business. We focus and specialize in the mid-to-large privately held business sector. No firm can better consult and deliver to this space than the team at Bowermaster. Our resources and deliverables are geared to this sector.


We have deep roots in the industry and have developed trusting and respectful partnerships with our insurance companies and affiliates. Furthermore, our team of skilled Advisors allows us to deliver the best value and protection to our clients.

At Bowermaster we deliver results that will improve your bottom line, margins and valuation, while ensuring your protection and succession. No other brokerage firm will deliver this, they don’t know how.

We’re a Certified Analytic Broker

We leverage best-in-class technology and data analytics to identify cost-savings and deliver an overall lower Total Cost of Risk.



Worker’s Compensation With Us


Every injury you prevent saves you money, because the least expensive claims are the ones that never happen. By establishing a safety culture, you’ll avoid both medical costs and lost-time costs.

Bad Hires

A recent study revealed that 40% of workers’ compensation claims are filed by employees in their first 12 months on the job. No one wants to hire a claim, but do your current hiring practices protect you?


Controlling delays also means working with urgency, handling safety hazards immediately, providing quick, prompt care for injured workers and staying on top of open claims throughout the claims cycle. This kind of urgency needs to be committed to, from the top – down.

Lost Time Injuries

Employers who plan ahead and immediately provide transitional work assignments for all injured workers can reduce the proportion of injuries that end up as lost time claims- and achieve substantial claims cost reduction.


Taking the time to explain workers’ compensation rights and responsibilities, responding promptly to injured employees with both concern and assistance, providing support throughout the recovery period, and protecting job security with stay-at-work programs all help to dispel many of the typical reasons that drive an employee into a lawyer’s office.


Recent findings show that almost half of employers are overpaying on their premiums because of mistakes in classifications, premium audits, rules interpretations, and experience modification calculations. 


As an employer, there are measures that you can take regardless of how active the carrier is in investigating and/or fighting a claim. The key is the knowledge of how to use the system to your advantage.

Your Ex-Mod

The benefits of implementing our Work Comp 360 process is obtaining your minimum mod, which is the lowest mod your company can earn. To achieve your company’s minimum mod, you will not have any claims for a period of three years; this results in the lowest possible workers’ compensation costs for your company.


Our Industry Specialties

Family-Owned Business

Small to mid-sized family-owned businesses have trusted Bowermaster since 1954.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Our team has vast experience serving businesses of various sizes in this space.

Home Healthcare & Medical

We understand the importance of proactive risk management.


Our dedicated golf-industry specialists are here to provide risk management guidance.


Nonprofit clients can access a new level of hands-on care with the Bowermaster team.

Wood Products

Our team of wood product advisors have a combined 60+ years experience serving this industry.


We Offer All the Policies You Need


General Liability


Professional liability


Property & equipment floaters


Builders Risk


Equipment breakdown


Marine & cargo






Cyber & data breach




Workers’ compensation


Management liability


Employment practices liability


Directors and officers liability





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