Payroll solutions for your business

Payroll is complex, risky, and can be costly to manage. With our solution, eliminate payroll risk and streamline processes, all at a lower cost.


Payroll is complex

From tax laws to emloyment compliance, the ins-and-outs of payroll are a lot to manage. This is why Bowermaster offers you a foolproof solution to take payroll off your plate. Learn more below.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Ensure Compliance

When it comes to payroll compliance, there are thousands
of compliance considerations. Missing just one of these crucial regulations could
put your business at risk of fines and lawsuits. Ensure compliance by working with
an outsourced payroll solution.

Not Having to Manage a Payroll Function

As a business leader, you likely don’t have the knowhow or time to effectively oversee an internal payroll processor. An outsourced
solution eliminates the need to manage the payroll function

Risk Transfer

Processing payroll in-house is a significant liability for your business. By working with an outsourced payroll partner, you transfer this liability to a third
party, better protecting your business.

Access to Experts

As a growing business, you need to subject matter experts to turn to for advice and guidance. Whether it’s hiring out-of-state employees, deciphering complex tax information, or something else, your outsourced payroll expert is here to help.

 If you hire in-house to
process payroll, you are likely spending tens of thousands of dollars in excess annually.

The cost of outsourcing payroll with Bowermaster is a third of the cost of having an in-house payroll processor.


Tranfer Your Payroll Risk to Us and Never Worry Again About:


Classifying employees correctly


Handling multi-state compliance regulations


Ensuring tax jurisdictions are correct


Entering new-hire start dates correctly to ensure timely paychecks

The Right Choice

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